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 New Forum! (1/29/15)

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PostSubject: New Forum! (1/29/15)   Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:08 pm

Hey thar! cheers This is our New Forum! It was created last night by Echo on January 28th, 2015.
Our Administrators/Owners are


This is a whole new world! Here we don't have to worry about anything; and we can express our utmost fangirliness for yaoi and slash yaoi. =) I tend to make very good use of this website, and I hope you do too, Brianna.

Also, I hope you can come on as much as I do. I really just want to feel like someone is there and I can tell someone EVERYTHING. This website will be a good chance to come out to each other a little more. It would make Alex mighty happy!! =D

As a final note, LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!!

cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat
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New Forum! (1/29/15)
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